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Mothers Talk Less to Young Daughters About Math [NYT]


Reasearchers* have discovered:

Even [when their children are] as young as 22 months, American parents draw boys’ attention to numerical concepts far more often than girls’. Indeed, parents speak to boys about number concepts twice as often as they do girls. For cardinal-numbers speech, in which a number is attached to an obvious noun reference — “Here are five raisins” or “Look at those two beds” — the difference was even larger. Mothers were three times more likely to use such formulations while talking to boys.  [Read more here.]

Hey moms…let’s combat this trend!

*My girl, Alicia, is the mastermind behind this study (Way to go Chang!). Can I just tell you how useful it is to have a friend who is a cognitive and developmental psychologist.  She is like my very own mom-tutor!

i don’t have a boy, so naturally i can’t compare. but we talk about numbers with harley ALL the time. and it’s so wonderful now that she’s really starting to understand the concepts of counting when she tells us how many of something she sees - yesterday i had taken her umbrella stroller and the snap n go out of my trunk and when i picked her up from school it was the first thing she noticed in the entry of the house - “look mommy, TWOOOOO strollers.”

and a few weeks ago greg started putting change in her piggy bank w/ her at the end of the day (so now of course whenever he gets home she says, “DADDY! I WANT MONEY!”) and teaching her about the coins.

watching her learn will always be one of my greatest pleasures.

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    Every time someone brings up “innate” or “hard-wired” differences between girls and boys I want to point them to studies...
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