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    i don’t have a boy, so naturally i can’t compare. but we talk about numbers with harley ALL the time. and it’s so...
  5. relovingit said: Awesome study!
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    Every time someone brings up “innate” or “hard-wired” differences between girls and boys I want to point them to studies...
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    Um okay. I guess but in the “hey mom’s,” there is no apostrophe required, so let’s also teach proper punctuation as...
  8. thenewgirlinnewyork said: Even as a former teacher I had never thought about this, that’s really interesting. I’m all about raising non math phobic girls and this is a great start!
  9. jessbedazzle said: Very interesting. I guess I focus more on colors with my niece than anything - but math gives me anxiety
  10. profashional said: boy or girl, my kid isn’t going to hear jack from me about math! i’ll leave that to his/her engineer dad. cool article though.
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